MLH Hackathon at the University of Sheffield.


Team of 1-4 people. Must be at university, or have graduated since 15th October 2015.

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First Prize

First place prize awarded for the best hack!

Second Prize

Second place prize awarded for the second place hack!

Third Prize

Third place prize awarded for the third place hack!

Funniest Hack

A prize for the funniest hack of the weekend!

Capital One Challenge

Best Use of Nessie Financial API

Sky Betting and Gaming Challenge

Most 'Game Changing' Hack

Accenture Challenge

Most Innovative Use of APIs with emphasis on hacks using multiple APIs

Amazon Alexa Challenge

Best Use of Amazon Alexa

Databowl Challenge

Best Use of Data

AAG Systems Challenge (2)

Most Innovative Mobile App w/ emphasis on B2B

Blackrock Challenge

Best Use of Blackrock's Aladdin API

TribePad Challenge

Best Real-Time Communication with emphasis on video communication

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

1 TB Hard Drives


Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment. Build a software solution that can help reduce the frequency and/or severity of online harassment. Win HackHarassment Swag Bag.

Best Domain Name from Swag Bags

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Gregor Engelmann

Gregor Engelmann
Major League Hacking

Ramsay Taylor

Ramsay Taylor
University of Sheffield

Chris Murray

Chris Murray

Michael Wain

Michael Wain
Sky Betting and Gaming

John Brown

John Brown

Capital One

Capital One
Capital One

Robert McCauley

Robert McCauley
Amazon Alexa

Sina Shamshiri

Sina Shamshiri
University of Sheffield

Judging Criteria

  • Both idea and implementation

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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